Specifying a cost-effective and sustainable pipe bedding

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One thing often misunderstood in drainage pipeline bedding design, is the wide range of bedding options available for specifiers. Without proper guidance and assessment of available options, the likelihood of missing out on the most cost-effective ones is always high. Structural design of pipeline installations involves dealing with three main types of load: The weight… Read more »

Guide makes easy work of precast manholes

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Advances in production techniques for precast manholes offer multiple advantages for the construction sector. Innovations championed by BPDA members mean manhole installation can be completed in about an hour, with a much higher success rate when compared with traditional techniques. Precast manhole systems are easier to install, but they also improve onsite safety and raise… Read more »

Swedish pipes last more than a lifetime

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A report into Sweden’s water and wastewater networks anticipates a long-life for the next generation of pipes. The authors of Sustainable water and wastewater pipe systems of the future, which has been published by the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA), argue that the networks currently being installed should have an operational life of at… Read more »

What is the maximum jetting pressure acceptable for concrete pipes?

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In the UK, high pressure water jetting is widely used to clean and mostly to clear blocked sewer pipelines – often as an emergency operation. The European Standard BS EN14654-1:2014 Management and control of operational activities in drain and sewer systems outside buildings, Part1: Cleaning, states that “Maximum safe working pressures to avoid damage will… Read more »

What is the minimum depth of cover needed for concrete pipes?

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Minimum cover depths for concrete pipes vary depending on the vehicular traffic loading likely to be sustained by the pipeline. There are various industry specifications and Standards that state values for minimum cover depths based on these loading conditions. Most loading conditions used for design either relate to patterns of wheel loading generated from main… Read more »

Advice for specifying precast concrete manholes

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When inspection or maintenance of buried wastewater drainage systems is required a manhole is specified. They are most often built at the point where one pipeline connects to another, where a pipeline changes size, direction or gradient and at a spacing that enables equipment to be used effectively. Here we detail some advice for specifying… Read more »

Effective Drainage for Poor Ground Conditions

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In any construction project, bad ground conditions can create a wide range of problems and can even bring construction to a halt. This is why when Peter Harding Construction began work at St Wilfreds Academy in Blackburn, they knew they needed a drainage solution. The solution had to combat the poor ground conditions, not hinder… Read more »

Innovation in precast: concrete pipe lifter & “offsite” manholes

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Precast concrete has been around for many years. This time-proven, strong, durable and sustainable material continues to develop as new products and systems are introduced helping to deliver safer, cheaper and faster build times with reduced environmental impacts. The precast manhole system comprises a factory produced monolithic concrete base unit, supplied complete with channel and… Read more »

New Dual Carriageway Section thanks to Costain and precast drainage products

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Precast concrete drainage products have enabled Highways England’s main project contractor Costain to safely deliver a new £192 million dual carriageway section of the A556 trunk road between the Cheshire towns of Knutsford in the south and Bowdon in the north. The dual carriageway enables this strategic route to bypass the villages of Tabley, Mere… Read more »