Updates to online calculators and new App

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Two of our most popular online tools have been updated and we’ve also launched a new web App. Providing access to the Structural Design and Material Cost Calculators for people on the move via iPhone or Android devices enhances the usefulness of these highly popular online tools. That is why you’ll now find the new… Read more »

Cost effective bedding design

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The pressure to deliver a cost effective drainage installation with minimum environmental impact has never been greater, but despite this, some pipelines are still fully surrounded in expensive imported granular bedding when a more considered approach to the design and selection of the pipe material could result in the use of a less costly, lower… Read more »

Work safer AND save time and money

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The Concrete Pipe Lifter is a safer way to offload, handle and install pipes whilst simultaneously speeding up operations and reducing costs. You simply attach it to your excavator using the quick–hitch coupling. The Pipe Lifter has no slings or chains that hands could get trapped in, and requires no additional power requirements or hydraulic links. By… Read more »

Overspecification of pipe bedding – the implications

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Bedding is an essential component in every “open cut” pipeline installation. Its primary function is to transfer loads between the pipe and the surrounding soil.  However, the design of the bedding system can have a significant impact on the cost of an installation and also on the environmental impact of the project as a whole.   … Read more »