Accredited CPD Programmes

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CPD – Continuing Personal or Professional Development – is the term that describes a commitment to structured skill enhancement and personal or professional competence. CPSA currently offers industry professionals the choice of four CPD presentations independently accredited by Construction CPD Certification Service. These presentations have also received the approval of The Chartered Institution of Water… Read more »

The heavyweight advantages of concrete pipes

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Modern drainage asks a lot of its materials. You need a system that’s totally reliable, easy to install, cost – effective, sustainable and compliant with all the relevant standards. It’s no job for a lightweight. That’s why concrete is still the UK’s best choice for sewerage systems. Concrete offers strong, stable, sustainable performance backed by… Read more »

Revised Technical Guide for the design and installation of concrete pipelines

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The Concrete Pipeline Systems Association (CPSA) has published a revised version of its comprehensive Technical Guide on the design and installation of concrete pipeline systems. This latest edition of this indispensable publication will be essential reading for asset owners, designers and installers of concrete pipeline systems. This version has been updated to include the latest… Read more »

CPSA members help provide Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

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Sustainable Urban Drainage System

CPSA members offer numerous components suitable for use within a sustainable urban drainage system. On the CPSA website they are listed in a table indicating their functions within the appropriate Management Train. If you’re looking for specific product information contact the CPSA. Useful Sustainable Urban Drainage System information: Susdrain – SuDS community CIRIA – The SuDS… Read more »

Concrete Manhole Construction is Innovating the Drainage Industry

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Concrete Manholes

Concrete pipeline systems manufacturers are determined to continuously innovate as the industry strives for improved pipeline and manhole construction quality and performance, delivering reduced waste, lower costs, faster build times and minimised environmental impacts. The design flexibility of concrete pipe and manhole systems means that many special features can be incorporated in the factory and simply… Read more »

Updates to online calculators and new App

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Two of our most popular online tools have been updated and we’ve also launched a new web App. Providing access to the Structural Design and Material Cost Calculators for people on the move via iPhone or Android devices enhances the usefulness of these highly popular online tools. That is why you’ll now find the new… Read more »

Newsletter: Autumn 2016

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Welcome to the Autumn 2016 issue of Pipelines, your eNewsletter from the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association. In this issue we focus primarily on cost issues. Here at the CPSA we are always keen to focus on the quality, performance and longevity benefits of using concrete, but nevertheless are aware that for most projects cost is… Read more »

Cost effective bedding design

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The pressure to deliver a cost effective drainage installation with minimum environmental impact has never been greater, but despite this, some pipelines are still fully surrounded in expensive imported granular bedding when a more considered approach to the design and selection of the pipe material could result in the use of a less costly, lower… Read more »


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The practice of carbon accounting for pipeline products and sewerage construction projects is not new, but PAS 2080 introduces something new. In this blog we identify how five carbon accounting principles in PAS 2080 will change the sector’s understanding of embodied carbon. Many water companies, highway authorities, other drainage infrastructure asset owners and supply chain… Read more »


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Published by the Treasury in late 2013 the Infrastructure Carbon Review documented the prospect of infrastructure value chain participants to collaborate in the expansion of low carbon infrastructure developments. PAS 2080:2016 Carbon management in infrastructure was commissioned to facilitate this into reality. Mott McDonald and Arup developed the standards with support from the Green Construction Board… Read more »