Advice for specifying precast concrete manholes

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concrete manhole

When inspection or maintenance of buried wastewater drainage systems is required a manhole is specified. They are most often built at the point where one pipeline connects to another, where a pipeline changes size, direction or gradient and at a spacing that enables equipment to be used effectively. Here we detail some advice for specifying… Read more »

The Compelling Case for Concrete Drainage

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20 reasons

Since the formation of the British Precast Drainage Association from the merging of the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association and the Box Culvert Association, the case for precast concrete drainage systems is stronger than ever. The new updated version of 20 Reasons to Use Concrete brings together in one useful booklet key benefits and references for precast concrete pipes,… Read more »

Effective Drainage for Poor Ground Conditions

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In any construction project, bad ground conditions can create a wide range of problems and can even bring construction to a halt. This is why when Peter Harding Construction began work at St Wilfreds Academy in Blackburn, they knew they needed a drainage solution. The solution had to combat the poor ground conditions, not hinder… Read more »

Lincoln Housing Development Benefits from Box Culverts

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box culverts

When a housing development in Lincoln was set to create 374 homes, a question was presented as to what drainage solution to use. BPDA member Forterra came to the rescue by supplying around 600 precast box culverts to the development. Forterra, who worked together with the main contractor, Daniel Charles Construction, designed the drainage system… Read more »

Precast Pipes expand Hong Kong housing types

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Precast drainage systems have always been associated with strength, durability and sustainability. However in Asia, traditional precast drainage components are demonstrating their versatility by becoming the basis for an affordable housing prototype. James Law Cybertecture, a leading Hong Kong based architecture studio, has developed a prototype for low-cost housing solutions made out of concrete pipes…. Read more »

Below ground fire protection – not just a whim.

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underground fires

Fires do happen … and not just in buildings. Last year saw wildfires spread across Greenland, Los Angeles, Montana, Portugal and Canada. With wild fire devastation getting worse every year for several parts of the world, we are tragically seeing an increase a loss of both human and animal life. While the loss of life,… Read more »

Innovation in precast: concrete pipe lifter & “offsite” manholes

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Precast concrete has been around for many years. This time-proven, strong, durable and sustainable material continues to develop as new products and systems are introduced helping to deliver safer, cheaper and faster build times with reduced environmental impacts. The precast manhole system comprises a factory produced monolithic concrete base unit, supplied complete with channel and… Read more »

New Dual Carriageway Section thanks to Costain and precast drainage products

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Precast concrete drainage products have enabled Highways England’s main project contractor Costain to safely deliver a new £192 million dual carriageway section of the A556 trunk road between the Cheshire towns of Knutsford in the south and Bowdon in the north. The dual carriageway enables this strategic route to bypass the villages of Tabley, Mere… Read more »