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BPDA has released a new video demonstrating how the use of concrete pipes can lead to significant cost savings due to the nature of bedding used to install the pipes compared to flexible lightweight alternatives.

The 2 minutes long video explains how bedding arrangements work for rigid and flexible pipes: Lightweight flexible pipes are generally installed with a full surround of imported granular material (a bedding arrangement known as Bedding Class S). Rigid pipes such as concrete can be installed with significantly less granular material using bedding arrangements as Bedding Classes B and F. Flexible pipes performance seems so dependent on installation, and so vulnerable to defects, that the newly revised pipeline structural design standard, BS 9295, is expected to recommend supervision during installation and use of single-size, self-compacting, granular to limit deformation and damage to these pipes. The video also identifies further cost savings associated with the delivery of granular material to construction sites and any possible removal of muck-away and trench arisings from site. For more information on cost savings, please visit our BPDA’s Material Cost Calculator webpage:

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