New jetting standard will ease pressure on sewers

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Jetting is a critical part of operations to clear sewer blockages but care must be taken to avoid damage from high pressure hoses. With a change in British Standards BS 5911 expected to introduce mandatory tests to concrete pipes, the sector must adapt to this new reality With an increasing number of sewer blockages caused… Read more »

Concrete pipes shine with whole-life carbon analysis

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As the construction industry embraces whole-life models for carbon consumption in projects and products, a forthcoming BPDA study should demonstrate a huge benefit in concrete pipe selection, says Matthew Butcher, sustainability & product association executive, British Precast. The UK government’s push for net zero carbon by 2050 will see the developers of infrastructure projects paying… Read more »

Buried pipeline design standard brought up-to-date

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The revised standard for structural design of buried pipelines will soon bring methods into line with contemporary design practice. Marshalls CPM’s director of technical & engineering, Mark Flavell, who represented BPDA on the drafting committee, explains the importance of this update. At the end of November 2019 a revised version of British Standard BS 9295:2010… Read more »