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Welcome to the Winter 2015/16 issue of Pipelines, your eNewsletter from the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association.

It’s a sad fact that the need for effective surface water management, flood prevention and resilience tends to get insufficient attention until we are confronted with the problem. But we do have the tools to make a real difference. In this issue you will find lots of valuable information and access to material to bring you right up to date with sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) Best Practice. This is a seriously important step in getting to grips with the situation. I hope you find these insights useful.

Stuart Crisp, Director, CPSA

SuDS solution combining Concrete Proprietary Drainage Products with Soft Landscaped Drainage Features. has published an excellent case study demonstrating the intelligent combination of vegetated components with proprietary precast concrete SuDS systems to achieve a technically valid sustainable drainage system and commercially viable housing development for Jelson Homes at London Road, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9UR.

CIRIA’s Updated SuDS Manual (C753)

The SuDS Manual first published by CIRIA in 2007 (C697), is the onestop-shop for delivering SuDS and it is this guidance that has been significantly revised. The updated SuDS Manual incorporates the very latest research, industry practice and guidance and is available to download free of charge.

Recommended non-statutory standards for sustainable drainage in Wales

The Welsh Government has published it’s recommended Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in Wales. These standards have been developed over the course of two years, during which time extensive engagement with stakeholders was maintained for public consultation purposes.

The next steps will be to work with stakeholders to determine how best take forward the SuDS agenda. This includes whether or not to commence with the Flood & Water management Act 2010, which states that new features of SuDS must not only comply with but help in the development of national standards.

CPSA Case Studies

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FPMcCann precast concrete culverts enable innovative surface water drainage solution at Wakefield and District Housing development.
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CPM Bespoke Solution Saves Time at Gainsborough Project
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CPSA Information on Precast SuDS

The use of SuDS should be an integral part of any development’s surface water management strategy.

CPSA members offer a wide variety of proprietary SuDS components and systems suitable for use within a sustainable drainage system. These are listed in the table indicating their functions within the Management Train. For more information on Precast SuDS products, consult the table here or view our references online.


CPSA currently offers industry professionals the choice of four accredited CPD presentations. These presentations have also received the approval of The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and are recognised as CIWEM Accredited Short Courses. All the presentations can be offered as a free seminar at your local office or at a suitable location. CPD certificates are available to all attendees.

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