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On 12th September a joint consultation document was launched by Defra and DCLG it can be viewed here. The consultation offers just six weeks to formulate responses with a deadline for returns by 24th October 2014.

The consultation sets out an alternative approach to that indicated in The Flood and Water management Act 2010 to deliver sustainable drainage systems that will be maintained for the lifetime of the development they serve.  This represents a modified approach to that seen previously and does not align entirely with the “final” draft National Standards for Sustainable Drainage published by Defra on 7th July 2014.

There appears to be a particular emphasis on changes to the current planning system to ensure that sustainable drainage is the system of choice for new development (there are exceptions and a size threshold, i.e. 10+ properties / 1,000+ sq metres floor area / 0.5Ha+ land area), that maintenance arrangements are put in place and that maintenance costs are ‘reasonable’.

The need for appropriate planned and costed maintenance fits precisely with the CPSA’s message regarding asset lifetime value and the importance of selecting proprietary SuDS components and systems using durable materials that offer a long, low maintenance service life.  Precast concrete provides a perfect answer with proven long asset life and authentic sustainability benefits

It will be interesting to see what feedback comes back to Defra / DCLG and what, if any of the proposed changes that will go through.

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