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A very interesting article in Water Active March 2014 edition “Identifying and Minimising Premature Pipeline Failure” by

The article makes a very strong and logical case for the use of laser profiling to determine the installed condition of flexible pipes, specifically ovalisation and degree of “out of shape” of the pipeline. The article explains the inherent differences between rigid and flexible pipes and the additional precision and care required during installation to ensure adequate long term performance of flexible pipe systems. It outlines how flexible pipe deformation can affect the performance of the system in terms of structural integrity and hydraulic efficiency. The inconsistent priorities of the installer (short term, profit) and the adopting client (long term, operating & maintenance costs) are highlighted and the need for more prescriptive requirements to be laid down by the client that go beyond the current 7th edition of Sewers for Adoption.

The CPSA Factsheet “The impact of pipe deflection on structural integrity, hydraulic performance and suitability for adoption” first created in April 2011 echoes the sentiments of this article.

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