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This Issue: 7th edition of “Sewers for Adoption” now available

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Pipelines. In this issue, our lead article covers an important industry milestone with the recent publication of “Sewers for Adoption” 7th Edition. You will also learn about some useful on-line design tools that can help reduce the installed cost and embodied carbon of sewers. And there’s an update on the hugely successful concrete pipe lifter. You can also keep right up to date by signing-up to a CPSA social network and don’t forget to maintain your professional development by registering for a free CPD seminar.

Stuart Crisp, Business Development Director

7th edition of “Sewers for Adoption” now available

On 1st October 2011, water and sewerage companies in England and Wales became responsible for existing gravity private sewers and lateral drains that connected to the public sewer system.

This change means that pipelines adopted in the future will include a significant proportion of small laterals and sewers that were previously excluded and as a result, were not considered in previous editions of “Sewers for Adoption”. The 7th edition of “Sewers for Adoption” (SfA7) provides extended guidance to cover these smaller sewers and lateral drains and introduces further changes designed to reduce the differences in requirements between the water companies.

Other important updates have been introduced to reflect the technology now available and current industry Best Practice. These include:

  • Alternative construction details are included for Manholes Type 1A, 1B and Type 2. These details reflect the recent introduction of circular precast manhole base systems available from CPSA members. They have many benefits designed to satisfy designers, contractors and operators alike. The new design offers:-

– Reduced construction time
– Decreased installation costs
– Improved Safety on site
– Superior quality
– Watertight system
– Reduced carbon footprint

For more details on circular precast manhole base systems click here

  • Good engineering design should minimise or eliminate the risk of defects or failure. Clause E6.4.3 “Precast Concrete Manholes, Chambers and Wet Well” states that “Joints shall be made so that the required jointing material fills the joint cavity. Concrete to concrete contact across the joint shall not be permitted.”
    This requirement has been included to ensure that point loads are avoided at joints between units and to prevent over-stressing of sections as a result of localised concentration of loads. SfA7 states “Precast concrete manhole sections and cover slab to be bedded with mortar, plastomeric or elastomeric seal conforming to BS EN 1917 and BS 5911-3.”
    All CPSA members provide systems fully compliant with Clause E6.4.3


 Concrete Pipe Lifter Wins Industry Plaudits

Since it’s launch earlier in 2012, the Concrete Pipe Lifter has picked up the Water Industry Achievement Award 2012 for Safety and shortlisted for the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards 2012. The Lifter has also been recognised by the Construction Products Association and will be included in the prestigious Construction Products Innovation and Achievement publication, CPIA 2012.

Demand for the Lifter has been brisk. So much so, CPSA’s supply partner MGF has begun development of the Type 2 Lifter for concrete pipes larger than DN1200. Type 2 Lifters are expected to be available early 2013.

Further details on the Concrete Pipe Lifter can be found at


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